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Christine Samson Music and Arts Studio
Singing Lessons
Learning how to sing is like going to the gym. If you want to be "vocally fit" and stay that way, you have to understand your vocal instrument, learn how it works, and practice the correct vocal exercises that will train away the bad habits and replace them with the good ones you need to develop a beautiful, powerful and healthy singing voice.  Lessons are for all ages - kids, children, youths, teens, adults, and seniors!

At CSMA Studio, we specialise in professional vocal training for both beginners and professionals. Our vocal instructors are all qualified teachers and experienced performers who practice what they preach and are passionate about what they do. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned professional, regular singing lessons with a CSMA Studio vocal instructor will put you on the fast-track towards singing success. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in just one lesson.

CSMA Studio is looking for members to join its very first performance group. Over the course of 12 sessions we will be working intensively on skills such as vocal harmonies, blending, rhythm, dynamics and musicianship. Group size kept small to ensure sufficient individual attention. Final live performance to be held on Sunday, Nov 9th.

All those interested in auditioning must:
- be able to sight read
- be available for all rehearsals and the final performance
- have some performance experience
- have basic voice training experience

Auditions held throughout July. Please email us to schedule an audition time.
Rehearsl Dates:  Wednesday, A Weekly from Mon, Sept 2nd - Oct 7th, 2013
Time: 7:30-9:00pm
Total 12 x 1.5-hr sessions (No Class is held on Oct 1st)
Course Fee:  $6,880 (incl.  4 x tickets to the Nov 9 show)
Language of Instruction: English 

 Vocal Technique Bootcamp

How can I widen my range?

What exactly is "breath support"?

How can I sing for longer periods of time?

How can I sing with more power?

Finally, a comprehensive, eye-opening workshop that answers all the burning questions you ever had about vocal technique! 

Vocal Technique Boot Camp is an informative and practical workshop designed for singers who want to whip their voices into shape within a short period of time. With each session, you will discover something new about your voice and will get the chance to practice your skills under the guidance of CSMA Studio Associate Teacher and our very own Vocal Science Specialist, Samuel Johnson. At the end of every class, you will also get to practice applying your new found techniques to a variety of songs (both group and solo). 

So, get on the bandwagon and jump start your vocal training by joining the Vocal Technique Boot Camp. You'll be inspired, challenged and encouraged at every step of the way!

Call us for more information~
Language of Instruction: English


Live the exhilarating life of a musical theatre performer on Broadway in this exciting and intensive program taught by two qualified CSMA Studio Associate Teachers with first-hand experience of what it's really like to be in professional musical productions. 

Musical Theatre Immersion is a fun, practical and educational workshop where students will be introduced to all the skills needed in a successful musical theatre performer including singing, dancing and acting. 

This program, open to beginners, is taught by two enthusiastic voice instructors from the US with years of professional international experience performing on the big stage. 

At the end of the program, every student will get the chance to sing, act and dance in a group musical review to be performed live at the CSMA Studio end of year annual showcase on Sunday, November 17th! 

No previous experience necessary! Guaranteed to be a challenging and unforgettable experience! 

Group size kept small so spaces are limited! Email us for details!


Sight Singing Levels 1-3

The Sight-Singing course is a practical 6-session intensive workshop that teaches students to read notes, understand music scores and sing basic harmonies in a fun and engaging way. A great companion workshop to any vocal training program you are currently taking and a great way to improve your chances of success in singing, auditioning and performing. Highly recommended to those who wish to audition for CSMA Studio's ensemble performance group, VOCAL ELEMENTS. Sight-Singing will be offered in three different levels. Please contact us for more details and class dates.



Vocal Elements

CSMA Studio's very own vocal ensemble performance group VOCAL ELEMENTS is constantly looking for new members to join its singing family! Vocal Elements runs seasonally and consists of 16-sessions that lead up to one of CSMA Studio's bi-annual showcases. Auditions are held approximately one month before the start of a new season and once accepted there is no need to audition a second time should you wish to continue participating in following seasons.

Vocal Elements features a repertoire of great tunes with a variety of special topics workshops spread throughout the season (e.g. rhythm & movement, ear-training, team-building, etc), as well as plenty of showcasing opportunities, including (on occasion) a studio recording session. Improve your vocal technique, learn great tunes, develop new vocal skills (e.g. harmonies, blending, vocal dynamics, etc.), meet other music-lovers and be part of one of the most energetic, fun and exciting vocal performance groups in Hong Kong!

Auditioning for Vocal Elements

Those interested in auditioning should have previous experience in vocal training and vocal performance and should have basic sight-reading skills. Singers should prepare to sing two songs at the audition: one with a backing track and one "a cappella". Please contact us for our audition schedule.

Singing Classes Details:
- Private lessons, semi-private lessons
  (2 per group) sign up
- Classes (in English and/or Cantonese) are tailored to suit singers of all abilities
- Age : 8 years old and above
Vocal Technique Bootcamp Details :
- Age: 18 years old and up
- Language: English
Musical Theatre Immersion:

- Language: English
Sight Singing Levels 1-3 Details :
- 6-session workshop
- Language: English or Cantonese
Vocal Elements Details :
- 16-sessions group
- Language: Mainly English but Cantonese speakers are welcome to join